Joanne Gretencord from Morris, IL

JGretencordAs a busy real estate agent the success of my business demands that I can hear my clients. For years I have struggled with hearing loss and hearing aids that really didn’t help especially in noisy situations. Then I found out about Hearing Help Express. Even though you are located over an hour’s drive away, I decided to take a chance and visit you.

Right away I noticed that your hearing experts were concerned with every detail of my hearing. Not only did you make sure I could hear well in quiet and noisy places, you also helped me hear better on my cell phone and in my car. I love my new hearing aids, especially how comfortably and discreetly they fit in my ears. My checkbook loves the price, much lower than anywhere else!

I have been so impressed with your professional service and low prices that I started referring my own clients and even my sister to Hearing Help Express. Everyone that I have sent to you has told me the same thing, “They love their new hearing aids!”

What makes Hearing Help Express so different from the rest is obvious: You worked hard not only to help me hear better, but also to find hearing aids that I love to wear. Without hesitation I recommend your services to anyone that needs hearing aids.