No more hearing aid stigma?

Hearing Aid_In Ear_CanalIn today’s world everywhere you look, you see people using electronic devices coupled to their ears.  Headphones, ear-buds, blue-tooth receivers, and electronic earplugs are so common place that you don’t even think twice when you see someone wearing them.  Yet, when it comes to hearing aids it is not uncommon for people to worry about what other’s will think if they start wearing them.

People mistakenly think hearing aids will make them look old.  What they don’t realize is that in today’s world almost nobody notices hearing aids anymore, especially with all the sleek, modern styles and tiny sizes.  In fact, not hearing well and making mistakes in understanding conversations will make you seem much older than wearing hearing aids possibly can.

Want more evidence?  A new study recently published in October 2014, Journal of the American Academy of Audiology found that “the hearing aid effect (negative stigma of wearing hearing aids) has diminished, if not completely disappeared, in the 21st century”.

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