Improve Your Hearing Aid Performance

Inevitably it happens to all hearing aid users — your hearing aids just don’t work as well as when they were new.  This happens for different reasons.  Sometimes it is because your hearing has changed.  Sometimes it is because skin particles, earwax or moisture interfere with your hearing aid’s microphone or speaker.  Sometimes it is because your hearing aids no longer fit your ear snugly and comfortably.

When this happens and your hearing hearing aids are no longer performing properly for your hearing needs — it is common to think about purchasing new hearing aids.  Of course, sometimes it is a great idea to upgrade to the newest hearing technology.   However, what many hearing aid users don’t realize is that poor performing hearing aids can often be significantly improved by professional cleaning, repair and reprogramming.

At Hearing Help Express we are experts with all brands and models of hearing aids aids.  If your hearing aids are no longer performing to your satisfaction, we can usually make significant improvements in performance via cleaning, repairs, programming changes and software updates.  We can do this for most hearing aids — even if you didn’t purchase them from us!

Before you decide to purchase new hearing aids, first let us try and improve the performance of your existing hearing aids.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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