Hearing Aids

Hearing Help Plus is proud to sell, fit and service the most advance hearing aids on the market. Today’s digital hearing aids are offered in various styles, technology levels (basic, advanced, premium) and colors. As the levels increase, so does the advanced features (channels, noise reduction, bluetooth capabilities, data logging, etc.). We our help, we’ll get you hearing at your best!

We understand the frustrations that come with finding the right hearing aid. It’s no fun committing to something when you don’t feel certain about it. We want you to be sure that hearing aids are right for you. That’s why we let you take home and try out hearing aids programmed with the exact technology for the actual situations you need them. You decide if it works for you – before committing to buying.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Flex:trial™ program that lets you bring a pair of hearing aids home to try out before you commit to buying anything.

We Work With All Major Manufacturers!