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Drugs that cause hearing loss

By Diane Krieger Spivak Certain medications can cause hearing loss. Called ototoxins, there are more than 200 on the market today, available by prescription and over-the-counter, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Many are used to treat serious infections, cancer, and heart disease. Ototoxins damage the sensory cells in the inner ear, which causes the …

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How We Hear

By Diane Krieger Spivak Hearing, one of the five senses, helps us to be aware of the world around us and to communicate with others. According to the American Hearing Research Foundation we hear sound when a series of sound waves, or vibrations, pass through the ear and reach our brain for interpretation. Babies’ hearing is …

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Improve Your Hearing Aid Performance

Inevitably it happens to all hearing aid users — your hearing aids just don’t work as well as when they were new.  This happens for different reasons.  Sometimes it is because your hearing has changed.  Sometimes it is because skin particles, earwax or moisture interfere with your hearing aid’s microphone or speaker.  Sometimes it is …

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Hearing aids give a great return on the investment

Research shows that the rewards can be substantial. In fact, identifying and addressing hearing loss has been shown to positively influence virtually every aspect of an individual’s life, helping people personally, professionally and even financially. Investing in professionally fitted hearing aids could bring a greater return on your investment than you ever imagined. Using hearing …

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