Drugs that cause hearing loss

By Diane Krieger Spivak Certain medications can cause hearing loss. Called ototoxins, there are more than 200 on the market today, available by prescription and over-the-counter, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Many are used to treat serious infections, cancer, and heart disease. Ototoxins damage the sensory cells in the inner ear, which causes the …

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Hearing aids may improve balance

A new study from the Washington University in St Louis found that hearing impaired individuals improved their balance when they used their hearing aids. According to Timothy E. Hullar, MD, professor of otolaryngology at the School of Medicine. “The participants appeared to be using the sound information coming through their hearing aids as auditory reference points …

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Stimulating nerves in your ears could improve heart health

Stimulating nerves in your ear could improve heart health, researchers have discovered. Scientists applied electrical pulses to the tragus, the small raised flap at the front of the ear immediately in front of the ear canal. The stimulation reduced the nervous signals that can drive failing hearts too hard.